First RESPonse - First Rapid Emergency System against Pandemic

The aim of First RESPonse project is to help citizens and health professionals (ambulance dispatcher, first responders, hospitals) living in Italy to deal with the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak with proposition of set of enhancements to entire process of medical emergency request, from the call, to the hospitalization of the patient. The key approaches are applicable also outside Italy.

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The project goals are:

Beta 80 is the Italian leading vendor in Emergency Control Room applications, providing the official 112 app in Italy and GINA software is an internationally recognized top player for the development of mobile solutions for emergency situation. The Consortium plans to complete the integration of the platforms to provide and end-to-end (from the emergency call, to the hospital delivery) chain of information completely digitized and safe for the citizen. This combined platform will be promoted on the Italian territory and Czech republic territory, where the two companies have the majority of their customers.


The project includes:

  • COVID first responders field software (for tablets in ambulances)
  • Situation dashboard (management tool)
  • Where Are U app upgrade (public awareness tool)
  • Integration to Emergency Control Room in Italy
  • Ambulance Pilot-Demonstration in Italy, Verona
  • Ambulance Pilot-Demonstration in Czech Republic, Brno

Users and their needs

We have four groups of users involved in the project.


  • Problems to call ambulance (overloaded line) and precision of exchanged information.
  • Need to know the help is on the way and the estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • Need to call help via smart watch (watch is easier accessible)
  • Access to valid and trusted source of (pandemic) information
  • Need of communicating in real time with ambulance crew, their status and the situation of the patients

Ambulance dispatchers:

  • Need of communicating in real time with ambulance crew, their status and the situation of the patients

First responders:

  • Overloaded doctors’ capacity
  • Inaccurate / inefficient patient identification
  • Difficult orientation between newly (pandemic) build structures in the field (field hospitals, testing spots, medical supply stores, dangerous zones). The situation continually changes and evolves
  • Protect themselves against disease. Effective call for help first responder
  • Places without radio or GSM signal coverage

Hospital crew:

  • Knowledge of number of arriving patients and their medial states

During the demonstration stage, Italian and Czech Republic market is targeted. We are open to discussion with other countries to join the First RESPonse project. Contact us on on via phone on +420 720 730 830.

Service/ system concept

The delivered values to our customer groups are follows:


  • Easier access to ambulance operator especially during peak (pandemic) time. Sharing position (What3words) and personal information to speed up incident processing.
  • Feedback from ambulance dispatch to track ambulance’s position in real time.
  • App version for smartwatches (or car version).
  • Notifications of useful numbers/services in your area.

Ambulance dispatchers:

  • Integration between on-field devices and Computer aided dispatch platform with real time chat, dispatch status and rapid patient check-up.

First responders:

  • Possibility to call doctor via video conference for instant consultancy.
  • Automatic id card reading. Portrait photo capture.
  • Easier orientation between new and ad-hoc spots (field hospital, testing places, field supply stores, quarantine places, …). Navigation respecting new field constraints and restrictions.
  • SOS button (dual line for radio SOS for places where radio signal is weak or not available). Automatic crew notifications when crossing dangerous places. History of movement for reconstruction of visited places.
  • Possibility to be able operate on places without GSM or radio signal coverage.

Hospital crew:

  • Number of arriving patients to hospital, their identification, medial states, handover places. 


The system consists of two parts. The first part, maintained by BETA80, takes care of the incoming calls and request for help from smartphone applications. It also ensures the interface with ambulance dispatchers who sorts the inbounds. The second part, maintained by GINA, takes care of the fast and accurate execution of the events in the field. GINA also provide communication interface for hospitals.

Space Added Value

Satellite Navigation (SatNav) is a crucial component for first responders to scene navigation during incident. Localisation is also needed for positioning of the caller and first responders’ ambulances. The same way, it is used for generating the history movement tracklogs.

Satellite Communication (SatCom) is a communication system that can be used as data transfer channels for remote (no GSM/DATA) areas and/or back-up network in case of Cellular failure.