New version of Sygic navigation for GINA HZS Tablet

The new version of Sygic 3D navigation software is now available in GINA Full. This article provides information on the new functionality, support, and update capabilities for this new release.

1. 4. 2019 2 min.

Our partner and navigation supplier for GINA Tablet has ceased to support existing 2D navigation and released a new version of the Sygic 3D navigation platform. In addition to improving the speed and stability of the application, the new version also includes some innovations that every modern navigation should contain.

The Sygic 3D version is part of GINA Tablet Full since version 5. Changelist:

It is possible to upgrade from an old version of the navigation or purchase a new tablet version with the GINA Tablet software.

Support for the old version of Sygic 2D is discontinued due to incompatibility on Android 8.0 Oreo devices and will not work after upgrading the tablet to the new version. Therefore, we recommend  upgrade to the new version of navigation as soon as possible.

For customers who want to keep an old version of Sygic 2D, we recommend disabling system tablet updates.

Nothing changes for GINA Lite customers. If you are interested in the new GINA Tablet features, upgrade to Full version is possible after contacting our customer support.