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Some of our partner’s testimonials are confidential, but some are not. You can find them below.

I can fully recommend GINA Tablet to any firefighting unit. I have been working as a firefighter for more than 20 years but the benefits of modern technology in last years are just priceless and we are the first ones who should be using it in the first place.

Doubek P., Voluntary Firefighter, Czech Rep.

Working with GINA is a big leap forward for me. Having all information about the incidents together within a single platform saves my time and it gives me the power to interpret this information for the press. Time is crucial in your job and it literally saves lives. Photos which are fully integrated in the GINA system are another great feature. But the greatest part not only for me but for every emergency unit in the Czech Rep. is that we can arrive to the incident by the fastest and shortest possible route.

Hosak Z., Professional firefighters documentarist, Czech Rep.

I would like to highlight the cooperation with the GINA operation centre. On the way to the scene, I can use valuable minutes in the vehicle and I can fully prepare for the specific scene aspects. The other day we found out we were going to a car crash involving three vehicles instead of the only one mentioned.

Pencik R., Voluntary Firefighter, Czech Rep.

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